Corporate Social Responsability

Sectorial Colaboration

Quality Policy

Since 2.003 IMCOINSA has audited its strategic processes under the standard UNE-En ISO 9001: 2008.
The approach to establish our quality goals is:

Satisfy the needs and expectations of Customers
Compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements
Provide employees with adequate training for the tasks they perform
Improve competitiveness through continuous improvement of our products and services



IMCOINSA’s quality management system is widely introduced with the following points:

SERVICE (Delivery period)

24H Medium term delivery orders (Spain and Portugal)
97% Lines of order with stock available for immediate delivery
70% Orders handed over to the transport in the day

SAT (After-Sales Service)

24H Breakdown identification and preparation of the Repair Budget
72H Repair and incidence resolution
+65 Official Technical Services with an excellent national coverage



Corporate Social Responsability

IMCOINSA's business strategy fits with our Social Responsibility commitment, understanding it not as a separate activity, but as a value which is incorporated in our daily life, focused on obtaining satisfactory results for different groups of interest in a sustainable manner. Ethics, integrity and responsibility are the behaviour guides of all our activity. Our commitment with the different groups of interest is reflected in our Social Business Responsibility Policy aligned on four pillars: sustainability, people, environment, society.



Sustainability Policy

  1. The promotion of the best management practices, ensure compliance with legislation, responsible finances, transparency, business ethics and proper risk management.
  2. Service and product development guided to our customers and the establishment of a clear, transparent and balanced relation with our customers.
  3. The consideration of environmental, social and economic impacts in the design of our products and services.
  4. Responsible management of suppliers and customers, bringing about a mutual positive influence for the improvement of social, ethical and environmental performance.



People Policy

  1. The advanced management of people as the main advantage of IMCOINSA, promoting their well-being and motivation through conciliation, personal and professional development, and health promotion measures.
  2. Provide a decent working environment promoting equal opportunities by ensuring non-discrimination based on sex, race, religion, origin, marital or social status.
  3. Guarantee working practices that permit the conciliation working life with personal and family circumstances.
  4. Remunerate employees in a decent way adjusted to their training, responsibility, functions and experience.
  5. Ensure the right to personal data protection.
  6. Facilitate a working environment free from harassment, abuse, intimidation or violence.
  7. Respect the legislation in occupational health and safety.
  8. In relation to customers, suppliers and other groups of interest, ensure that their companies support and respect the protection of Human Rights.



Environmental Policy

  1. The development of our activity in a respectable way with environment, involving our main stakeholders.
  2. Raise awareness and train employees with the best professional practices in order to promote a rational and efficient use of natural resources.



Social Policy

  1. Contribution to social development of our community in collaboration with social entities to reach the maximum number of people needed: children, families and people at risk of poverty, malnutrition and social exclusion who need support and resources.
  2. Collaboration with Refugee Assistance entities in order to increase survival in refugee camps and host communities by improving nutritional and sanitary conditions.
  3. Contribution to cultural development through entities which promote knowledge and artistic and cultural creation.
  4. Collaboration with sport entities considering that sport is a powerful and unique instrument for the promotion and development of a respectable, healthy and human life. Its role is essential for the social progress of our community.
  5. We mobilize resources to assist victims in case of emergencies and natural disasters.


Some of the entities through which we materialize our Social Policy:




Sectorial Colaboration


IMCOINSA is member of different sectorial associations in which it takes part actively, carrying out and/or obtaining contributions of operational, technological and general knowledge:


Federation of Spanish Manufacturers of Hardware articles

Spanish Manufacturers Association of Construction and Mining Equipment

Spanish Association of Rental Companies Construction Machinery unattended

Spanish Association of Commercial Coding


Spanish Association of DIY and Hardware Manufacturers



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