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IMCOINSA 1985 SL, owner of, uses cookies for the purposes indicated below.


What is a cookie?


A cookie is a small file that is downloaded to your computer or other device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) that you use when visiting Among other purposes, cookies allow you to customize the content you access and we obtain statistics to improve our services and also offer advertising.


In general, several criteria can be used to classify cookies, depending on who manages them (own or third parties), the period of time during which they remain activated (session or persistent) or their purpose (technical, personalization , of analysis, etc.). In the latter case, depending on the specific purpose, they may or may not require the user's consent.


Next, it is explained in general the cookies that may be general in a way that allows us to later understand what cookies IMCOINSA 1985 SL uses at


Whose are they? Own They would be the ones that, in your case, send IMCOINSA 1985 SL to your device from
From a third party They would be those that, where appropriate, sent other entities, such as Google in the case of Google Analytics cookies.
How long do they remain activated? Session They collect and store data during the user's session, such as to provide a service. They are deleted when the session ends.
Persistent The data collected through the use of the cookie are still stored for a period of time that can be minutes or even years.
What is its purpose? They do not require user consent
Techniques They are necessary so that browsing the website you visit is possible, so that it works properly.
Customization or configuration They are used to customize or configure the presentation of the web page that the user visits by recognizing their language, font size, etc.
Security They are used to prevent or hinder attacks against the website or website and / or users.
Require user consent
Analytical They are used to measure user activity when visiting the website or web page and to develop navigation statistics in order to improve service, information, etc.
Advertising They serve to manage the frequency and content of the advertising shown.
Follow up They serve to show personalized advertising



What cookies are used at


Specifically, uses the following cookies both its own and third parties:


Own cookies

Type / Domain / Name


Activation time

Type: Technical cookies




Store the current user's session anonymously. It is destroyed automatically when leaving the page.



Name: Autenticator

Cookie with session id, used to store the authentication status of the visitor. SESSION



Third party cookies

Type / Domain / Name


Activation time

Tipo: Analytical


Dominio: Google Analytics

Name: _ga

It is a web analytics service developed by Google, which allows you to analyze the navigation within the website.

Some of its functions are: The distinction of unique users, calculate the number of visitors, the number of sessions, the device used, the language, the browser or the city from which it connects to the page. This information allows the webmaster to offer a better service to its visitors.

 2 years
Name: _gat

It is used to differentiate between the different tracking objects created in the session. The cookie is created when the javascript library is loaded and there is no previous version of the _gat cookie. The cookie is updated every time you send the data to Google Analytics.

10 minutes
Name: _gid

It is an analytical cookie, to distinguish users.

24 hours



Name: vuid

Cookie that allows us to embed Vimeo videos. Download cookies to your computer once you click on the Vimeo video player, but Vimeo will not store personally identifiable cookie information from embedded video views using the enhanced privacy mode.

20 minutos

Type: De Security


Cookie of: Google Recaptcha



In you have the option of being able to send an application form, for this we use the reCAPTCHA service of Google Inc. (Google). This reCAPTCHA service protects us and nor allows us to detect if the request or comment has been made by a user or by a robot.

Therefore we use Google's reCAPTCHA service to prevent the abuse of mechanical and automated processing.

The Google reCAPTCHA service does not offer user IP address information or any other information required by Google for the reCAPTCHA service.Cuando envías un  formulario de solicitud o comentario estas aceptando el uso y reconocimiento de reCaptcha. Google utilizará esta información para evaluar el uso de este servicio.

La dirección IP enviada desde tu navegador como parte de reCaptcha no se fusionará con otros datos proporcionados por Google.


Nombre: _ga

Identify unique users





Gather the user's consent to use cookies.

20 years.

Domain: Google Maps


Name: NID

On our website we use Google Maps to visualize geographic locations and because we believe it provides a useful way for our visitors to find our company.

6 meses



Management and deactivation or deletion of cookies:



Except in the case of technical cookies, which are necessary to navigate at; With regard to personalization or configuration, analytical, advertising and tracking cookies, at any time you may exercise your right to deactivate or eliminate cookies installed on your computer or device by configuring the browser options you use .


Depending on the browser you are using, the way you can delete, disable or block cookies will vary. In this regard, you can consult the following links of the main browsers where you can find more information:












Queries and more information about cookies:



If you have any questions about this Cookies Policy you can go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


And if you wish to obtain more information about cookies, you can consult the Guide on the use of cookies by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD), prepared together with several sector associations, and which is available at http: // www / documents / 10180/13073 / Guia_Cookies.pdf / 7c72c988-1e55-42b5-aeee-f7c46a319903



Cookies Policy Update:


This Cookies Policy is updated as of May 25, 2018.


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