Our range of Cutting Tools offers a selection of the items with highest turnover and with the best quality, performance and service conditions.
Your best GOOD VALUE option.







Imcoinsa offers you a detailed range selection, in which you will find in a clear and simple way the HSS tool that suits best your needs.
Quality and professional service at the best price

GOOD VALUE! The best quality-cost relationship





We develop a complete quality control program audited by external laboratories of International Prestige, complementing the internal controls carried out during the manufacturing process.






Our entire range of HSS drill bits includes the SPLIT POINT cross-sharpening system, providing maximum performance.

Precise drilling starting
Reduces the thurst force
Lower electrical consumption
Drilling precision
Long lifetime







We offer excellent service ratios audited by the ISO 9001 standard with the following indicators:

24H Medium term delivery orders (Spain and Portugal)
97% Lines of order with stock available for immediate delivery
70% Orders handed over to the transport in the day






IMCOINSA is a Global Supplier that optimize your purchasing conditions.


Optimization of business conditions

Centralizing purchases in a global supplier allows a significant improvement in your standard purchasing conditions.


Stock Reduction

Regularity in replacement orders with the possibilities that this implies in your stock reduction.


Optimization of shipment costs

You are likely to enjoy prepaid shipment
Smooth material reception.


Administrative management simplification

Joint negotiation of business conditions. Grouped invoicign and payment.






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