Open House day at ORIALKI

Open House day at ORIALKI

IMCOINSA at the ORIALKI open day


With more than ten years of experience renting machinery for construction, industry, public works, gardening and cleaning, Orialki is a reference in rental machinery in Gipuzkoa. Its facilities have been located since 2015 in Oiartzun, halfway between Donostia and Irún.

In 2020 they renovated their facilities in Lintzirin-gaina industrial park. But what the inauguration would have been coincided with the confinement due to the covid crisis, postponing the well-deserved celebration until the health situation has allowed it.

Last Thursday, June 23 took place the long-awaited open day, in which ORIALKI shared its facilities and its exhibition, with all its clients and friends who wanted to approach. In this exhibition there is also a selection of our machinery for construction and industry, as well as our high-rotation consumables (points, drill bits, discs...).

The company has an extensive catalog of machinery to a wide range of sectors, from construction to industrial storage, gardening, cleaning... "Our strength is that we have everything", they say from Orialki, adding that the company's aim is to continue expanding its offer permanently, adapting to the changes and needs of a constantly evolving market.

Orialki is also open to private rental: "If someone needs to mow the lawn or clean something during weekend, they can also rent a machine and return it on Monday without any problem." As its slogan says "WE RENT SOLUTIONS" and is that in Orialki they know that proximity is a fundamental factor in order to respond to the needs of their customers.



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