The CONSTRUCTION HOUSING Project of Vicente Ferrer Association finishes.

The CONSTRUCTION HOUSING Project of Vicente Ferrer Association finishes.

IMCOINSA's collaboration has helped in the construction of 14 houses in Obulapuram village, Pathikonda area, Adoni region.

In 2022, IMCOINSA joined the HOUSING project as a company committed to the VICENTE FERRER association.

According to Fernando Sancho, the delegate of the foundation in Euskadi, the contribution received from IMCOINSA has been very important to be able to carry out this project for the construction of 14 houses in the village of Obulapuram.

Furthermore, 100% of the funds donated have been transferred directly to India to carry out this project.


The whole community has participated in the construction of the houses, the beneficiary families are the main actors involved, as well as the Community Development Committee (CDC) and the community teacher, who have actively participated throughout the process. We have been witnesses of the attitude of solidarity and cooperation among them, a fact that has reinforced the feeling of cohesion of the community.

Having new houses in good conditions, with three rooms and space for personal hygiene, reduces the risk of diseases resulting from the lack of healthiness in the old huts in which they lived.

As always, with the aim of empowering women, all the houses built are registered on their names, in order to guarantee the women and children’s protection. Hygiene and awareness-raising workshops on the use of the latrines are also held to promote their proper use and maintenance. The integration of the houses in the community allows them to use public services provided by the Indian government, such as electricity and drinking water.


Vicente Ferrer decided to finish with poverty in one of the most vulnerable regions of India. Nearly three million people benefit from the projects we started more than 50 years ago. His legacy is strengthened and continues today thanks to collaborations like ours.

After half a century of work in integral development in rural areas of India, the Foundation counts with a team of more than 2,500 people, experts in health and care for the most vulnerable populations such as children, people with disabilities and women who suffer gender violence.

Vicente Ferrer's dream is today a consolidated project that needs to keep on generating alliances with society, because the only thing that can stop hope is not being able to detect injustices of the world and get involved in combating them.



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